Instrumental music that honors the traditions of American roots and Western culture

The New CD

April 16, 2015

Mississippi is the follow up CD to Southwest and Badlands. And like the previous recordings, Mississippi is my musical expression of how we are inspired by, and relate to, our American landscape. This is my take on the region that has come to be known as the Cradle of American Music - centered in the delta, and expanding to include the Americana Music Triangle.

This is not a treatise or a rehash on the music of Robert Johnson (who sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads in exchange for musical prowess) or Muddy Waters or Bessie Smith. It’s about the lure of the Mississippi “idea” and the passion it has created across multiple art forms. There is something about the bleakness there that lifts the muse.

Mississippi is also my singular “instrumental voice.” No featured players or soloists or special guests. Just a dynamite rhythm section made up of the usual suspects and my room full of guitars. This is the music I play when I am just hanging out - open G tuning, the mixolydian mode and some chicken pickin’. These are my roots and pretty much who I have always been.

Southwest and Badlands were about the dry creek beds. Mississippi is about the water: Swamp instead of cactus, bayous instead of kivas, muggy instead of parched.

Welcome to Mississippi.