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At the risk of not repeating myself

April 5, 2016

Early on in my musical life’s work and recording career, it became an important notion for me to not make the same album twice. I am driven to learn new approaches and stylings, and factor in new ideas and influences. The liability of this is that a portion of your familiar listenership will become detractors. Discontented and disappointed with your newest work and effort. (And they will let you know it, as if it is their responsibility to keep you on some sorta track.) Can’t really blame them I guess, since our memory plays a huge part in what we can appreciate. I have been guilty a few times myself with some of my favorite artists. In every case though those recordings at some point end up on the top of my play stack. So after taking this into consideration when told that Mississippi was a genre stretch, too much of a departure and might not fair well at radio, I was not too discouraged . That’s why in this regard I am even more pleased and thankful that Mississippi was #1 at radio last July, #2 in the Top 100 for 2015 and has been nominated for the ZMR “Album Of The Year” and for “Best Contemporary Instrumental Album.” Thank you for continuing to let me explore and produce the music that comes through me.