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What's it like to win a GRAMMY? Part 2: Eric Takes Out Bonnie Raitt

June 6, 2012

So coming off the stage after having just been given my first Grammy Award, I have a tug of war with Vanna White over the trophy … and she wins. Somehow she managed to wrestle away from me the statue which I did not understand was not the one I get to keep. But before I could mount another offensive, I was grabbed by the hand and told “come this way.”

Now I’m being led by someone who must be Vanna’s sister down a very narrow winding corridor with people scurrying in both directions. As we round the 2nd or 3rd corner I can see the vast expanse of the back staging area of Madison Square Gardens. It was a pretty amazing sight, because on these huge pallets being moved around by tractors was all the individual stacks of gear used by the performing bands. And on these mountains of gear were large plaques with the names of No Doubt, Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Eminem, Faith Hill etc. I was totally mesmerized and not watching where I was going or going where I was watching. And then it happened…


It all went down so fast and I am not sure if I actually knocked her to the ground or what, but I’d just done a full on header with Bonnie Raitt. And she was not happy. Ya know that Seinfeld episode where Kramer had punched Micky Mantle – his all time hero? That’s what I felt like. And that look she gave me. Complete bewilderment and disdain as to why I was not paying attention. I was in big trouble and I deserved it. Bonnie is not a very big girl and I am sure it musta hurt. But in that moment, as petite as she is, she coulda kicked my ass. I knew it and she knew it. Except as quickly as it happened she was whisked away to hand out an award and I was moved on to the first of a series of press conferences.

I am really sorry Miss Raitt. I hope there was no permanent injury.

Bonnie Raitt’s new CD Slipstream is fantastic!